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  • What is the metal curtains?

    What is the metal curtains?

    Metal curtain is a widely used decorative material in recent years, which expands the selection range of architectural decorative materials. Meanwhile, it has excellent interior decoration performance. At present, it has become the new favorite of modern mainstream decorative art. 1. What is a m...
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  • SHUOLONG Metal Fabrics application Building Facade Project

    SHUOLONG Metal Fabrics application Building Facade Project

    Shuolong delivered a 4000㎡ Building Facade project. The building of this project is an international school. The designer wants to cover the experimental buildings with metal mesh, which can shade the exterior of the building and increase the aesthetics of the exterior building. This project was...
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  • Comparison Antique Bronze Mesh and Antique Brass Mesh

    Comparison Antique Bronze Mesh and Antique Brass Mesh

    Antique brass and antique bronze are the most popular colors in recent years. Many designers and clients choose green bronze mesh for furniture cabinets, and some are used for indoor screens, hotel partitions and other places.  Antique bronze color Antique Brass Color From the surface treatment...
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  • The Surface Treatment of Architectural Metal Mesh

    SHUOLONG wire mesh manufactures most products in mill finish condition. To better serve our clients, we have researched a number of secondary finishes that work well with woven wire mesh for both interior and exterior architectural applications, We can assist in the early design stage by identify...
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  • The Advantages of Metal Mesh Ceiling

    Suspended ceiling metal mesh, also called decorative metal wire mesh (woven wire mesh) is made of metal rod or metal cable, with different fabric pattern on the surface, the metal mesh ceiling gets both functional & decoration effect. Based on different weaving methods, the style of metal mes...
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