The Advantages of Metal Mesh Ceiling

Suspended ceiling metal mesh, also called decorative metal wire mesh (woven wire mesh) is made of metal rod or metal cable, with different fabric pattern on the surface, the metal mesh ceiling gets both functional & decoration effect. Based on different weaving methods, the style of metal mesh opening shape also presents different effects. What’s more the material could to order, The commonly used metal materials are aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel, metal decorative mesh.

Aluminum alloy suspended metal mesh ceiling, metal decorative aluminum mesh ceiling color can be custom make according to your RAL color card, our color paint is very strong,not easy to fade, The most popular ceiling metal mesh is woven out 3D shape, It can also be used for interior metal curtain, partition, screen, ceiling, etc.

The copper mesh ceiling can be achieved by two different metal mesh solution. First solution is using purity copper wire woven mesh, The copper material strengthen the decorative screen gorgeous and elegant effect. Because the copper expose in air easy oxidized . Therefore, we should be very careful in the production process. It is commonly used in the inside of wire glass and metal mesh laminated glass. It can be used for outdoor glass curtain wall, sunlight shed, indoor partition, etc., which plays the role of decoration, explosion-proof and anti-theft.  The second solution is using special finished stainless or copper wires, to get the beautiful color &avoid the oxidized problem. Also we can using SS mesh to do PVD coating to get the copper mesh effect.

Stainless steel ceiling with metal decorative mesh is the most selected options. With a variety of patterns, stainless steel wire mesh after special treatment such as titanium coating, copper color PVD coating and other elements show a variety of colors, which enrich the decorative effect.

Metal Mesh Ceilings Advantages are of high strength, solid, strong functionality, easy to maintain, easy to shape, extraordinary service life, and can be very good protection of building structures, and more in line with the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection. Its installation is simple and fast. It can be used in large area, or used in small area decoration. The appearance of stainless steel decorative wire mesh is unique and elegant, and the decorative effect is vivid, strong and diverse. The effect is not the same in different light, different environment, different time period and different observation angle. It can be used in many occasions and applications. The unique texture of stainless steel and the matching effect of light show elegant temperament, special personality and noble grade.


Post time: Jul-14-2020