Metal Mesh Laminated Glass Is Safety Wired Glass?

Metal mesh laminated glass is a kind of laminated glass which has a grid or precision fine wire mesh in the glass.

Based on its good fire-resistance capacity, wired glass was started used in the US , and it is designed to withstand both heat and hose streams. This makes the wired glass is firstly used to service elevators to prevent fire from the entrance to the shaft, and also it’s used in institutional settings which are often well protected and partitioned against the fire. The wire mesh prevents the glass from falling out of the frame if it cracks under thermal stress, and is much more heat-resistant than other laminate material.

At the early stage when the wired glass was made. The metal mesh appears to be a reinforcing metallic component, its safety rating was lower than the Unwired glass because of the wire incursions into the glass structure. In that period, the wired glass may cause increased injury compared to Unwired glass, such as wire amplifies the irregularity of all fractures. This led to a decline in its use at the institutional level, particularly in schools.

In recent years, new materials of laminated glass metal mesh have become available that strengthen the wired glass not only in fire rating, safety rating but also of high decoration effect.

Shuolong metal mesh bring more possibility for the laminated glass metal mesh options.Using different stainless, brass and copper thin wire woven more than 50 decorative metal mesh designs, it’s very popular for domestic and overseas glass designers, laminated glass manufacturers and glass laminate material suppliers.


Post time: Jul-14-2020