XY-AG0840 Aluminum Metal Mesh Curtain

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XY-AG0840 Aluminum Mesh 750x750

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SHUOLOG mesh metal curtain systems are ideal for space divider applications where transparency and elegant appearance is a high priority.

Flexible metal fabric is hung sideways to maximize the draping effect. Custom track hardware attaches the mesh to concealed carriers and permits it to roll smoothly along the track length. SHUOLONG mesh curtain systems can be specified in different mesh patterns, configured in various widths and heights, and customized to fit specific project needs.

A visually compelling Architectural interior mesh curtain can perform as a centerpiece for commercial building lobbies, spacious rooms, and more.
Product Name: XY-AG0840 Aluminum Mesh
Material: aluminum
Surface Treatment: painting
Weight: 0.85kg/m2
Open area: 80.4%
Mesh thickness: 5.6mm

Lead Time: 7-14 days

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The metal coil is used in multiple scenes and can exhibit multiple functions. The reason why it has been favored by many designers for a long time is also because its diversified functions can provide designers with more design possibilities. In interior design , the metal mesh can be used for suspended ceiling, indoor partition, partition, room curtain, light design, fireplace safety, divider, security gate, etc. In outdoor design, it is also an excellent choice as the facade.

What’s more, if you need to add metal mesh design elements to your ongoing or upcoming projects, please contact us directly. In addition to high-quality products and the best prices, we can also provide customized services and installation solutions for your projects Program.

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We can provide you with suitable accessories according to your project needs. Whether it is a straight rail or a curved rail with a curvature, SHUOLONG can help you realize it. The thickness of the accessories we provide you is at least 2mm, and the service life is longer. If you still have questions about the installation process, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with a more detailed installation video to answer your doubts.

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1.The packing is very impost for architectural mesh, good packaging can effectively protect products to get the mesh to the customer smoothly.
According different mesh types, sizes and characteristics, SHUOLONG make good package for each order. Service center about sourcing requirements.
2.As for the mode of transportation, we can provide you with international express services, such as TNT, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., and we can also provide you with sea transportation services.
3.Packing Size:
1)Each roll packing by paper, 1-4 rolls in a wooden box;
2)Customized for your requirement.

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Hebei Shuolong Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a high quality China manufacturer of woven metal wire mesh for the architectural and industrial industries. It can be used as External Facades, Balustrades, Staircase cladding & Screens, Sun screens & Ceiling, Interiors, Metal curtains, Room dividers, etc.

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We can weave high quality, distinctive architectural mesh that is perfectly tailored to your project needs. With a little background information on types of metal, wire diameter, pitch and crimping, you can easily communicate with us on exactly what you need to make your mesh installation work perfectly with the rest of your design. Whether you are looking for a simple or custom design, large or small, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your next project!

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As a manufacturer of wire mesh with nearly half a century history, SHUOLONG have enough capacity to control the quality for each order. And at the same time, we can own the direct cost for wire mesh products. We just do wire mesh, we are professional!

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1.40 Years Experience : More than 40 years wire mesh production experience.
2.Quality Garantee: Each order is tested and controlled strictly according to the higher standard than international level.
3.Installation & Accessories: We could provide professional wire mesh solutions & accessories for you

If you want to order or want to know more details of our metal mesh, pls contact us!

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